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Past MDLA Events 2016 Annual Spring Conference
Our 2016 Spring Conference, held on March 10, got underway with a keynote address by Vanessa Dennen, an Associate Professor of Instructional Systems at Florida State University. In her address, Vanessa discussed the nexus of cognitive, motivational, and social elements in computer-mediated communication, concentrating on two major issues: learner participation in online activities, and interactions, norm development, and informal learning within online communities of practice. Following the keynote session, conference participants attended an array of engaging and informative morning and afternoon sessions. The conference ended with an awards ceremony and a networking reception in which drawings for gift cards and a Kindle Fire HD were held.

click here Session PowerPoints

Нитропропен своими руками 2015 Annual Spring Conference
Our 2015 Spring Conference, held on March 6, got underway with a keynote address by Devlin Daley, co-founder of Instructure, Inc. In his address, Devlin challenged us—through consideration of technology, disruption, and the two sigma phenomenon observed by educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom—to think about making the future of education better. Following the keynote session, conference participants attended an array of engaging and informative morning and afternoon sessions. The conference ended with an awards ceremony and a networking reception in which drawings for gift cards and a Kindle Fire HD were held. Session PowerPoints

Купить героин в Волгодонск 2014 Annual Spring Conference
Our Spring Conference was a success! With 150 attendees, keynote speaker Dr. David Wiley engaged and challenged us to think about the meaning of open educational resources and their impact on students, faculty, and learning. Conference attendees enjoyed a variety of quality presentations (many standing-room only), plus networking opportunities at lunch and the closing reception, where we featured a Kindle Fire HD giveaway! Session PowerPoints

Dr. David Wiley get link Keynote Speaker: David Wiley, Ph.D.

Dr. David Wiley, co-founder of Lumen Learning, an organization dedicated to supporting and improving the adoption of open educational resources by middle schools, high schools, community and state colleges, and universities.

An associate professor at Brigham Young University, Dr. Wiley is a Senior Fellow for Open Education at Digital Promise and an Education Fellow at Creative Commons. Благовещенск купить Кока
2014 MDLA Fall Event
More than 100 educators from the region gathered at the MDLA Fall Event to participate in discussions and presentations on eLearning tools of the trade.  The opening panel discussion related  faculty, instructional design, and administrative perspectives on student authentication issues. Sessions following the panel discussion focused on tools that promote student collaboration, accessibility of course content, efficient training design, productivity, and efficiency.


Webinar: Using Twitter to Promote Student Engagement
October 12, 2012
Presenter: Jeff Freels, PGCC
View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

купить Амфетамин Трёхгорный 2011
November 15, 2011
AACC Arundel Mills
Social Mania 2011

March 3, 2011
MDLA Annual Spring Conference
Sheppard Pratt Conference Center

June 3, 2011
Workshop: Using Foresight and Futuring Tools to Deal with Disruptive Innovations in Postsecondary Education
Anne Arundel Community College

follow 2010
March 4, 2010
MDLA Annual Spring Conference
Meeting the Challenge: Guiding the Next Decade of Digital Learners

November 9, 2010
AACC Arundel Mills
Tools of the Trade 2009
March 5, 2009
MDLA Annual Spring Conference
Virtual Worlds: Real Teaching and Learning

November 3, 2009
Social Mania: Connections 2009
Anne Arundel Community College @ Arundel Mills

Закладки амфетамин в Солнечногорске 2008
March 4-5, 2008
MDLA/COADEC Annual Conference
Location: The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute

November 2008
MDLA Fall Event
Location: AACC Arundel Mills Campus

Сосновка купить Пыль 2007
March 7-8, 2007
MDLA/COADEC Annual Conference
Theme: Continuous Learning: Shared Perspectives
Location: The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute

October 30, 2007
MDLA Fall Event
Location: AACC Arundel Mills campus

March 2005
Spring MDLA/COADEC Annual Conference

October 15, 2004
MICCA, MDLA & COADEC Joint Program
Theme: What's Happening In Distance Education, K -16 and Beyond
Location: Goucher College

June 10-11, 2004
Theme: Colleges, Code & Copyright
Location: UMUC Inn & Conference Center

May 7, 2004
Theme: Accessibility Issues in Online Learning
Location: Howard Community College Gateway Center Columbia, MD

March 3-5, 2004
MDLA/COADEC Annual Conference
Location: Sheraton Columbia Hotel

September 3, 2003
Theme: Who's Who in Distance Learning in Maryland
Location: Goucher College

April 14-16, 2003
MDLA/COADEC Annual Conference
Theme: Beyond the Basics: New Challenges for Learning at a Distance
Location: Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort

October 11, 2002
Annual Meeting
Location: Capitol College
Theme: Program

August 2, 2002
Videoconferencing Technology
Location: UMATS Videoconferencing System

April 18-19, 2002
MDLA/COADEC Annual Conference
Location: Annapolis Sheraton

March 15, 2002
Theme: Collaborating to Use Technology
Location: CCBC Catonsville

March 8, 2002
Panel Presentation
Theme: Staying Current with What's Happening in Distance Learning

February 8, 2002
Theme: Updates on Intellectual Properties and Copyright Issues
Location: MIDLN (interactive video)

December 6, 2001
Hubble Telescope Mission: Interactive Event for Educators
An Interactive Event presented on the Verizon Videoconferencing Network

October 19, 2001
General Meeting
Location: Frederick Community College

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