MDLA Advisory Council watch Mission

приемы художественного перевода The mission of the Maryland Distance Learning Association Advisory Council is to provide support to the Maryland Distance Learning Association Board of Directors. The support will be in the way of professional advice, programmatic direction, and program support.

go site Goals

go site The MDLA Advisory Council will seek successful completion of the following goals: лучшие стихи из библии 1. To complete a Mission Statement.

2. To complete these goals.

3. To provide to the MDLA Board a list of programs that MDLA should offer to its members.

4. To be active members in the planning and execution of the spring conference.

1. EX: theme for conference and/or keynote speakers

2. EX: to serve on one of the planning committees

3. To research, poll, and question MDLA members and member groups about how MDLA can help them in their professional development.


Advisory Council Members

David Johnson
Don Elliott
Jackie McNair
Jennifer Larkin
Keyonda Smith
Melissa Harris
Eric Belt
Osen Bowser
Susan Biro
Susan Cabanero-Johnson
Wendy Gilbert
Tom Cantu
Debra Sheppard